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    • Artscope Magazine aims to inform and entertain through detailed reporting on the art world of New England and beyond. The goal of Artscope is to take art to the public and to provide our readers with an understanding of the process, approach and inspiration of each artists and organization covered. Although we have grown considerably since our founding, we remain committed to our original mission to provide our readers with high-quality content and to connect local artists and institutions with an active audience.
  • "Artscope is an advocate of art. It does not contort itself to appeal to a certain demographic or class of buyers. I value that it introduces me to expression and innovation and not just the confines of what the market anoints worthy. The artists that grace its pages vary in experience, cache, taste and mission. The magazine caters to those simply hungry for an intuitive experience. To me and many others, Artscope is a fundamental and supportive publication."

    Nicolas Hyacinthe
  • "I have enjoyed consistent excellence in working with Artscope’s superb design team who have assisted me in creating beautiful and daring advertising for my gallery artists and exhibitions. I am thrilled with the magazine’s approach to cross-pollinate every advertising campaign action they take by inserting references to key issues and events in their platforms including biweekly eblast!, online zine and mobile app. Artscope has nurtured my own blossoming curatorial efforts into a special place of recognition and prosperity. Miller White’s commitment to Artscope is sealed!"

    Susan Danton, Director, Miller White Fine Arts